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I'm Skye, I'm eighteen years old, and I'm hardly a blogger.

If the bombs go off, the sun will still be shining, because you've heard it said that every mushroom cloud has a silver lining.


Kanye teaches class at LA Technical Community College.

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Japanese Coffee Shop Offers Anatomically Correct Gummy Insect Larvae


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How to fuck with anime fans:

Step 1) put a wig on your dog

Step 2)

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"I feel like a deeply flawed person who is certainly undeserving of much admiration from other people."

"We were occasionally evicted, and often didn’t have money for rent. Me, my mom and my brother, and usually at least one dog. Ninth grade was the first time that I was in the same school for two years. Up until that point we moved around constantly which meant that I was always kind of the new kid or the outsider and sometimes we changed schools in the middle of the school year, so I was always an outsider and my mom also would send me to school wearing, for instance, tights and plastic cowboy boots and I thought ‘This is a great uniform’, but the other kids didn’t think it was as cool as I thought. We never had a television, so I was sort of cut off from pop culture, and from intimate peer group. It made me more of an outsider, and a little bit more introverted and cautious, and, you know, uncertain of my surroundings, and I kind of withdrew and I also kind of started to find ways to mask my insecurities and to blend in with my environment. So one of the things that I would do is I would sort of take on characters. And I would go into character, and I would be a Russian foreign exchange student or I’d develop an Indian accent or something like that, I’d develop these little characters and accents and shticks and ways to be funny, as a way of ingratiating myself to the other kids."

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Dean’s reactions in 8x20 and 8x07

the difference between friendship and romance

Perfect post is perfect

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where do these white dads come from

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The tumblr app sure does use a lot of data for something that doesn’t load pictures

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Tamagoyaki (Japanese Omelette) (x)

on a side note, this is hard as heck to make on cooking mama

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'straight passing privilege' and 'cis passing privilege' don't exist. What's happening is called erasure, it’s not privilege, it’s part of oppression and a result of heteronormativity and cisnormativity. It isn’t privilege to have your orientation and gender constantly assumed wrongly, it isn’t a privilege to be erased and treated like you don’t exist.

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